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The 64 bit version is strongly recommended.


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As of v120 it's now possible to connect to FlopzillaPro!
On top of that, a "Play against the solution" feature has been added.
See the video below for a short demonstration.

This video has an age restriction, and can only be viewed on YouTube.

Release Notes

v135(12/8/2021) and v136(26/8/2021)

Turn/river subtrees can now be exported. For this, click the export icon (pic).
"Play against the solution" now offers rounding (pic)
"Play against the solution" offers the ability to show the previous decision (pic)
Mousing over lock symbol will give a quickview of which locks are present in a tree (pic)
Clicking the lock symbol will let the user select which locks to remove
Databases will display an icon if a tree has locks in it (pic)
Range output icon in the decision viewer/editor (pic)
"Normalize" option for decision viewer and preflop range editor
Pressing CTRL in the predef menu will add to the current range (pic)
Pressing SHIFT in the predef menu will remove from the current range (pic)
Added button for database to rebuild it from the current tree (delete the current database and build a new one)
Other bugfixes and changes

v134 (25/5/2021)

Added geo input (
Option to convert "Extensive" storage to "Basic" (savefile will be smaller, but contain less data)
Added code field for advanced tree builder
Max number of processors is now simply 128
Buttons to add trees no longer disabled when using subsets
No longer using compression when storing savefiles
Option to only delete solved/unsolved trees
Loading flops from file now assigns standard suits (spade club diamond)
Added summary below table in export
In case stacks are shallow, "get money in smoothly" will not apply to first bet
When exporting database to file, trees with X are not exported
export_XXX will now skip trees with X in front of them
don't donk no longer applies to flop
When mousing over a tree, 130% is no longer displayed as >100%
Subsets can now also be written to file
Bug in deleting hand histories
Small bugfixes and changes

v133 (14/1/2021)

- Bugfix. Solver could crash with certain processors.
- Sessions can now be deleted with right-click.
- More detailed explanation on restoring license if it's been closed.
- Other changes and bugfixes.

v132 (7/12/2020)

- New engine. Almost 2x faster on our machines.
- If more RAM is needed while solving, then compression is applied.
- Several internal changes to the engine.
- Other smallish changes and bugfixes.


- Internal update.

v130 (03/06/2020)

- Added dark mode (press F4)
- Software will now continue solving, even if minimized
- Other changes and bugfixes.

v129 (16/04/2020)

- Added navigation to turn/river reports (pic).
- Added averages below table in turn/river reports (pic).
- New output mode in reports that displays distribution of actions (pic).
- Option to merge savesfiles into single database (pic).
- Added ability to enter code for installing ranges and downloading files
- Other changes and bugfixes.

v128 (25/02/2020)

- Added navigation of tree for aggregate reports (for databases)
- In aggregate reports, table now shows weighted average of its contents
- When editing a tree, any changes to ranges/board will also be applied
- Other changes and bugfixes.

v126+v127 (31/01/2020)

- New history function for “Play against solution”.
- Hand replay for “Play against solution”.
- Added LHE tree building tab.
- Added ability to choose number of bets with geometric bet sizing in editor.
- Ability to pause solver.
- Entering 0 for bet size in advanced tree builder will mean that this bet is left out entirely.
- Ability to hover-click when editing hands in matrix (in editor)
- Mousing over bet/raise action in 1D tree navigator (on top) will display pot %.
- CTRL can now be used in preflop menu in group mode.
- Multi-line input now available for edit box in preflop editor.
- When solving database, trees with issues will be skipped, unless only trees with issues are present.
- Added hints for import/export from/to file.
- Other changes and bugfixes.

v125 (12/11/2019)

- Preflop groups colours+names can now be customized (more).
- Preflop groups can now be split into multiple groups per hand (more).
- Flop filters added for databases. You can now select for properties like unpaired/paired/trips, rainbow/2flush/monotone, as well as top card value (pic).
- Villain's EV is now displayed when mousing over hero's EV (pic).
- Stack/rake settings can now be stored to be used as default.
- Notes can now be added with Alt+N.
- Added geometric bet sizing option to tree editor.
- Clipboard now works between instances (pic).
- Easter egg function for merging databases. When the lock is ON, the database will not be cleared when loading a new file. This will allow you to add databases together (pic).
- Dropdown list added to "Import from file"/"Export to file".
- Intermediate storage re-added as easter egg (press CTRL while choosing storage method) (pic).
- Clicking on an "Update" message in the startup screen now links to website.
- Added tiny RNG generator in "Play against the solution".
- Other changes and bugfixes.

v120+v121+v122+v123+v124 (18/8/2019)

- Play against the solution (see video below)
- FlopzillaPro has been released (also demonstrated in video below)
- Now drawing full board in editor (above matrix)
- When using editor only on turn, flop solution will be copied
- Tree builder: Input 0c,0p,0d will mean that respectively cbets, probe bets and donk bets will be left out (see pic).
- Now possible to save single tree in database to savefile (see pic).
- Now possible to store all trees in database as separate files (see pic).
- Strategies in a node can now be copy pasted to a different node (see pic).
- Savefiles now 60% smaller due to compression
- If solver is stopped due to insufficient memory, then savefile will still be stored
- Max number of processors now set at 32
- Pio ranges can now be imported (save to subdirectory /pio and go to Settings->Import preflop ranges)
- Small changes and bugfixes

v119 (internal release)

- Small changes and bugfixes

v118 (12/5/2019)

- Added display for available memory
- More advanced internal options for dealing with exotic situations
- Small changes and bugfixes

v117 (01/04/2019)

1) Weighted subsets (See pic)
2) Importing flops from text file now also allows for weights (in format AcKd2h:0.5)
3) Ctrl+F9 is now alternative to F9. This is a workaround for HEM stealing focus.
4) Small changes and bugfixes

v116 (18/1/2019)

- Small changes and bugfixes

v115 (23/11/2018)

1) Aggregate reports now offer several methods for sorting by flop. To sort, click on the title for the "Tree" column. Click multiple times for different sorting methods. The first method will sort according to flop values. The second method will sort according to flush properties (monotone first, rainbow last). The third method will rank according to the original order in the database. See pic.

2) For the turn and river, it's now possible to distinguish between probe bets, donk bets and continuation bets. To do this, add the letters p d or c after a value. See pic.

3) Added "Go all-in" option to tree builder (previously we only offered "Add all-in").
See pic.

4) Added button to change all ranges in a database to the currently active ones.
See pic.

5) Heatmap colors can now de edited in /config/settings.txt.
See pic.

6) Now drawing flops from big to small. For example Q2A is now drawn as AQ2

7) Some minor changes to the advanced tree builder

8) Fixed a few graphical glitches

9) Other smallish changes and bugfixes

v114 (14/9/2018)

- Much higher framerate
- Indicator to show which player is currently active
- AA-77:0.8,AKs-A4s:0.3 type format now accepted
- Small changes and bugfixes

v113 (27/6/2018)

- Small changes and bugfixes

v112 (6/4/2018)

- Changes to comply with PokerStars Terms&Conditions
- Other changes and bugfixes

v111 (16/3/2018)

- Release new website
- New licensing and activation system
- Other changes and bugfixes

v109+v110 (18/2/2018)

- Preflop predef menu
- In preflop menu, Ctrl+mouseclick will select hand+higher
- Preflop input now allows for 88+,AJo+,A8s+
- Other changes and bugfixes

v105+106+107+108 (29/12/2017)

- New "Advanced" tab in tree builder now allows for multiple bet sizes and various other options
- Tree editor allows you to make changes to your tree
- New output option for matrix
- Improvements to preflop menu (negative slider, suit selection, etc)
- In "Advanced" tab, bets can now also be expressed as, for example, 3x
- Other changes and bugfixes

v104 (6/11/2017)

- Tree based navigation of trees with popups (like in CREV)
- New display modes for aggregate reports of all flops in a database
- Tiny statistics can now be stretched a bit to make them larger

v103 (17/10/2017)

- Bugfix for bug that caused "All flops" button (aggregate report) to be hidden
- New display modes for reports
- Other bugfixes and smallish changes

v102 (10/10/2017)

- SitAndGo now supported
- Ability to see total result for all flops when using a database (aggregate report)
- Added "Change all flops to:" button in database interface
- Text output for all tables
- Ability to sort by first column in the tables
- "No flushdraw" stat is now available under "Settings->Always include no flushdraw stat"

v101 (18/9/2017)

- Scripting
- Turn/river reports
- Graphing system
- Ability to process all files in a given folder

System requirements

OS: Windows 7 or higher (64 bit recommended)
CPU: 4 Cores 2 gHz
RAM: 8 GB free
Video: Not relevant
Free Disc: 10 GB

CPU requirements
The speed in which GTO+ will solve trees will almost exclusively depend on the CPU speed multiplied by the number of physical cores. Basically, if you have 4 cores and 2gHz, then you are essentially running on a 4x2gHz=8gHz system. The above recommendation is therefore a rough indication. Please test for yourself if GTO+ performs at a speed that is satisfactory to you.

Memory requirements
The amount of RAM will only decide the maximum size of a tree that can be fit into memory. RAM does not affect solving speed. With 8GB available, the software should be able to run just about any practical tree. However, due to compression, even as little as 2GB free should be sufficient for just about any regular purposes.