The code field

The code field will allow you to set/remove certain restrictions in the tree builder.
In any regular use you can just ignore this field, given that it only deals with exotic situations.

The following codes are available:

B: Size of bb
With this option, a minimum bet size can be set.
For example B2 will set a minimum bet of $2.
A bet of 40% in a limped 2bb pot will now automatically be converted from 0.8bb to 1bb.

M: Do not allow raises below a minraise
Example: The pot is $40, OOP bets $20, IP raises 20% to $36.
The code M will automatically convert this 20% raise to a minraise of $40.

#: Store as default
Add # to store your settings as the default for every new tree.
To remove the default, just enter #.