Short Deck Hold’em (6+) – v130

An adapted Short Deck (6+) variant of GTO+ is now also available.
Download 64 bit version
Download 32 bit version
Download zipped version

The Short Deck variant is currently offered in beta.
From what we can tell all equity and hand strength calculations are performed correctly.
Should we have overlooked anything, then please let us know.

GTO+ Short Deck is sold separately.
Should you already want to purchase, then please use the links below:
Credit card

Changes compared to regular Hold’em
For the short deck variant, the following changes have been made:
1) Cards 5 through 2 have been removed from the deck
2) Flush beats full house
3) A6789 is a straight
4) Trips beats straight is an optional setting

At the moment no Short Deck version of FlopzillaPro is yet available.
Most likely this will be added in the near future, although we can not make any guarantees to this yet.