Merging files

To merge files into a single database, place all files in the same directory.
After that, enter the code “merge” after “Import flops from file” and press ENTER.
In the dialog that comes up, enter the directory where the files are located.
To now merge the files together into a single database, press “OK”.

Use default weights
To apply regular weights to the trees, use the option “Use default weights”.

Use weights from a subset
To apply the weights from a certain subset to the trees, enter the size of the subset.
This option will only work if the trees in your directory are an exact match for the subset (they must be the exact same flops).
In case of a mismatch, the default weights will be applied.

Use weights from a file
It’s also possible to apply the weights from a file in the directory /flops to the trees.
For this, enter the .txt name of the file.
The flops in the file must be of the format:
7h5h2h: 0.77
So basically a list of the flops, combined with the desired weight.