More memory required?

In rare cases it’s possible for the solver to need additional memory in order to continue converging*.
Should this happen, then the amount of required memory for convergence will be roughly twice the originally stated amount.
Should the additional memory not be present on your system, then the solver will be stopped.

Within regular use this issue should basically never occur, given that, even if it were to arise, normal trees will typically not exceed a required solving size of 2 or 3 GB.
However, if multiple bet sizes are used on the turn and river, then it’s not unthinkable for trees to take up a too substantial part of the available memory.

The most straightforward solution to this occurrence would be to increase the available RAM on your computer.
However, if at all possible, instead, please consider using just single bet sizes for the turn and river.
It’s not necessary for a high level of detail to be used for the later stages of the board.
The turn and river play is only needed in order to estimate the EV of the hands in the followup lines.
By using only single bet sizes, the quality of the solution will remain almost identical, whereas your trees will be smaller and solve faster.
And as an added benefit, the solution will become easier to interpret.

*In particular this may happen if ranges are very tight.