Groups in predefs

Using groups in predef ranges (GTO+ and FlopzillaPro)

When creating predef ranges in either GTO+ or FlopzillaPro, it’s possible to subdivide these ranges into groups.
See the pic below for an example of a range subdivided into 8 different coloured groups.

How to create a grouped range

To create a grouped range, first create the regular range in the matrix.
After that, click on “Apply groups to selection” to enable grouping mode.

FlopzillaPro users will need to enlarge the screen downwards for this option to be visible (upper left of the interface).

To assign a group to a certain hand in the matrix, select it under “Apply groups to selection”.
After that, click on the hand in the matrix.

To store the range, click on “Add range” (below the predef menu).
The range will now be stored, subdivided into groups, in the predef menu.
When using the predefs, you can either load the entire range, or just one of the groups.

To change the name of a group, select it by left-clicking it (in the predef menu) and click on “Rename” (below the predef menu).

Assigning multiple groups to a hand

It’s also possible to use a distribution of multiple groups for a hand.
For this, drag+drop the colours that you’re looking for into the coloured bar below the menu.
Click on the coloured bar itself to edit the weight distribution of the groups.

Editing the colours/names of the groups

By default the groups are named “Group 1”, “Group 2”, etc.
To edit either the colours of the groups, or their default names, click on the “Options” icon.
The colours are stored in RGB format.
The maximum number of groups is 12.

The custom data for groups is stored in the file /config/settings.txt under [PREFLOP GROUP COLORS].
If you want to use more than 12 groups, then this can be achieved by editing this file directly.